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Joker Poker is an exhilarating 5-card draw video poker game with an added twist. Aside from the standard deck of 52 cards, they have added 2 jokers which serve as wild cards which can be used to form a winning card combination or hand. With this added advantage, there are more ways to take home some rewards!

The game basics are easy. Just like the regular video poker game you need to set the bet level and the coin value based on our preferred amount. Pressing the Deal button starts the game where you will be presented with 5 cards. Simply choose the cards that you would like to hold and the ones that you would like to replace.

Now here’s the fun part. If you’re able to get the joker then you can use this to fill in the gaps to achieve a winning combination. The added cards in the pack naturally give you more ways to produce a winning hand. Pressing the Deal button once more will show you the replacement cards for those you have discarded.

If you’re able to get a winning hand, then your reward will be based on the paytable that can be found on the gaming screen. At this point you will be given the option to collect your winnings or go for a double or double half. If you’re daring enough, you can take advantage of this bonus feature. In this round you need to select 1 card which needs to be higher than the card of the dealer to double your winnings!

The name of the game may be Joker Poker but the winnings are definitely no joke and are for real with this 5-card draw poker game. Experience the thrill and start dealing today!

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