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Deuces Wild, an exciting version of video poker is a great lure for beginners who have not played video poker before and a nice entertainment for those regular players since it brings with it a few twists along the way and a series of huge bonus payouts.

The highest card combination is the Royal Flush with a jackpot of 5000 coins. But there are other big jackpots apart from that and the goal of the player is to find as many deuces (2’s) as possible as well as getting “5 of a kind” by playing the “wild” cards.

A single deck of 52 cards is used for each of the playing rounds and this is then shuffled after each game. All deuces in the deck are “wild” and can be used to complete winning combinations. The “deuce” is programmed by software to find the highest possible winning combination so you don’t need to do a thing.

Making the bets are very simple – there is a control on the lower left side of the interface that allows you to first choose the amount with the (+) and (-) signs, which will either add or reduce the size or your bet. When you click the “Bet One” symbol, you are adding the number of coins you bet by 1, and if you want to bet the maximum coins, you just click on the “Bet Max” button. Then push “Deal” button. You’ll automatically get five cards and must decide on whether you want to keep or hold the card unless you are on “AutoPlay”. After you’ve decided, just push “Draw” and the hand plays out to its final outcome.

So starting playing this video poker game and you might just hit the right cards to win the jackpot!

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