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Roulette Pro is an online variation of roulette that uses a single 0 roulette wheel. For someone who has played roulette before, it’s almost the same as the European and French Roulette.For beginners, it’s a bit complex because of large number of options.They should settle first for simpler bets like black or red, a particular number, or odds or evens to be familiar first.

The minimum bet for this game is $1 and the maximum will depend on the selected type of bet. For black/red, odd/even, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36 bets, a maximum of $200 is allowed. For high stake betting, the table maximum is $5000 for a single spin. For straight bets, maximum is $20 for a single number.The game will begin by pushing the spin button once all the bets are placed. Payouts for the straight bets are the largest, 35:1. Since the maximum is $20 for this type of bet, this means you can win up to $700.

What differentiates this online version from the typical roulette games is that it has a more inviting feel and much more entertaining features. To sum it up, this game is a very good option for online roulette enthusiasts. Best of all, the bet limits are just average while the payouts are at an all-time high!The graphics and sounds also add up to the excitement so play now and start spinning the wheel of fortune!

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