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If you find the wagers at a regular roulette game to be too high then Micro Roulette is definitely the version for you. As the name of the game implies, you can place small stakes for as low as 0.10 on a single spin while still enjoying all the features of regular roulette.

Nothing has really changed on the basics of this virtual casino game. You simply place your bets and select the numbers where you believe the ball on the wheel will land and press the spin button to get it started. Notably, there is a turbo spin option at the upper right part of the interface if you want to continually spin the wheels and simply watch the ball with a strong optimism that it will land in one of your selected numbers!

This game features a highly polished wheel and a very large table that has a close resemblance to the real version. It comes with high quality graphics in full 3D and the audio effects make it even more fun and engaging to play as if you were at the roulette table. It can even be set to full screen without losing any image quality so you can further immerse yourself into the virtual gaming environment.

If you love to play roulette but only have a low budget to spend on your stakes then this is definitely the answer. And since the minimum bets can be set to a really low amount, you can still have fun for an extended time. So are you looking for a budget-friendly online casino game to play? Choose Micro Roulette and start betting those dimes!

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