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European Roulette is the new and exciting virtual version of this widely played table casino game. It makes use of a 3Dbetting grid and a roulette wheel that looks very realistic. Basically, the European roulette involves a croupier for spinning the roulette wheel in one direction and throw a little ball in the opposite direction. The players will then bet on which of the numbered pockets will the ball fall inand stay.

Prior to turning the wheel, the bets have to be placed.There are sections to spot when betting on European Roulette. When bets are placed, the ball is set loose and allowed to roll into the wheel. When the wheel stops and the ball luckily lands on the number or color combination that you have selected, you win. Your winnings will depend on where and how you placed your bets. A player may bet on any individual number, the color of the numbers, whether odd or even, and on different number combinations.

There are 2 ways of betting in European roulette, the inside and the outside bet. The inside bet is choosing any number from 0 to 36 and placing your bet on it. The outside bet is bets placed outside the table layout such as Black or the second 12. Remember to concentrate at all times when playing European roulette and you might just get the ball to land on one of your selected numbered pockets! So experience this fun and exciting table game and get the chance to win real cash prizes!

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