Responsible Gaming

Industry leaders have taken it upon themselves to become vigilant in providing a safe and innovative online gaming platform to all corners of the playing community. Companies and their employees are taking every measure in educating and training their team members to become responsible gaming ambassadors in the community.

We value you as a customer and we appreciate that you have chosen our services to take part in the online and gaming market. As part of our commitment to ensure the integrity of the industry and, at the same time, safeguard your interest as a player on our website, we have outlined several points in line with the standards of responsible gaming.

Age Restriction

The legal age of gambling us over the age of 18. We take efforts to prevent gaming for players 18 years old and below. We reserve the right to require for proof of age and carry out routine checks as we deem fit. Customer accounts and funds may be withheld until satisfactory proof of age has been established.

Account Closure and Self-Exclusion

We recognize the possibility that customers may eventually request to close their accounts. For those who wish to restrict their gambling activities, account closure services may be requested from our customer service help. They may reopen the account or accounts at any point by contacting our customer service.

Fair Gaming

To ensure the protection of customers, we have a team of certified auditors who monitor the fairness of our gaming products. And in an effort to address the issue on fraud and data manipulation, our website work closely with proper authorities to identify suspicious betting patterns and behavior. We have designed our marketing materials in a clear manner, delivering the promised services to customers. We maintain a secure and transparent gaming environment.

Compliance with Industry Standards

We take serious considerations on our regulatory obligations, and comply with industry standards and regulatory laws. We are subject to yearly external audits as mandated by law and third-party audits to test the effectiveness of our company policies. To keep with the innovations in the gaming world, we also offer a broad range of training to relevant employees about our game design, as well as examine risk factors in the games offered to our customers.

Parental and Player Control

Parents can further their education on the dangers of underage gambling through a variety of resources found online. They can restrict access on a shared family PC or personal PC by filtering the sites made accessible to children. Players can also stay in control by contacting help organizations who can provide support and treatment of gambling addictions. We can also recommend an effective education program on responsible gaming.