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Want to legally switch cards when playing blackjack? With the Blackjack Switch game, you can do this trick! This online casino game allows you to play two hands simultaneously and switch the cards from different hands. It’s a move that you can do without breaking the rules of this highly popular card game and best of all you can do this from your very own computer!

With Blackjack Switch, you are allowed to make a double bet on two blackjack hands and once the hands are dealt, you have the choice to do the “switch” and that is by changing the top card of your hands to make 2 new hands before you decide to do a hit, stand or split. This blackjack version allows you to validly execute this trick while still sticking to the game guidelines.

The rest of the game is basically the same as the standard blackjack but in exchange for this, the dealer’s hand cannot bust if it gets a value of 22 and this will be considered as a Push. However, if your hand is able to get a value of 21 or a blackjack then you will still win the game. Fair enough, right?

With the Blackjack Switch, you have the option to play two hands and switch the cards without the need to break the rules and that is definitely an advantage. Add to that the impressive graphics and audio effects and you have yourself the perfect online casino game to play blackjack. This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss so play the game and increase the odds to your favor!

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