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Ever wondered if there is a blackjack game where the surrender option is available? Well this is definitely the online casino game that you’re looking for! Blackjack Surrender is a virtual version of the world’s favorite card game that has an added twist: you can go back over from where you started!

Basically this is nearly the same as the original blackjack game except for one thing and that is the surrender option. Other than this additional feature, the rules are unchanged which means your goal is still to get a card combination or a hand that is higher than the dealer and the best way is to get a value that is equivalent or close to 21 without going over.

If you’re able to achieve this goal then you win the game but if your hand exceeds the value of 21 then you lose and that is called a bust. Now here’s the fun part. If you’re able to get a hand that you believe won’t bear the dealer then you can make an instant exit by clicking on the Surrender button. This will automatically end the game and half of your bet will be returned to you.

If the odds aren’t in your favor then this option is a good and safer option to save your bets rather than losing them all completely. And now that this is available for you to play virtually, you can have a fun game of 21 without worrying that you’d end up empty-handed. So brush up your gaming skills and start playing Blackjack Surrender today!

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