Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Get me to the church on time! – That is the theme of this slot game! Dr. Jekyll is getting married to the lovely Miss Millicent who is waiting for him at the church on the other side of town. The classic story has gone to the reels and is now available online for you to play!

Dr. Jekyll has a Hellish Time, Turns into Mr. Hyde

As Dr Jekyll hits the pavement with his walking stick on his way to church when all hell breaks loose, citizens accost him, animals try to attack him and all the meanwhile he gets angrier and angrier. We all know what happens when he gets angry he turns into this other monstrosity, the beast Mr. Hyde. He has to fight his way through the mob of angry people and animals, if he succeeds he slowly transforms back into Dr. Jekyll. But here is the kicker if he does not manage to succeed a bolt of lightning strikes him down and that is the end of the game.

Wait, There are Two Scenarios!

That is just one scenario and the other alternative to the game is when Letule, a monster, appears with his head floating across the screen! If Hyde defeats him he turns back into Dr. Jekyll and makes it to the church on time and marries the lovely Mill Millicent. A dramatic ending with a bolt of lightning and the vision of Hyde is seen alluding to the fact that he has once and for all gone! If monsters are your thing, then you will love this online video slot game!

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