Video Poker Rules

Video Poker has a lot in common with one of your casino favorites, the slots. In fact, Video Poker was originally known as video slots, until its name has evolved into what’s aptly called now: Video Poker.

What attracts players to video poker is its ease of use. The machine does not require interaction with other players and there are no other players’ hands to beat. The one thing asked of you is to bring out your playing skills. Even if the card combinations are governed by a random number generator, outcomes are affected by how you play.

The cards are randomly dealt using a 52-card deck, sometimes using 53 cards, where it is possible to calculate the frequency of the card combinations. So bring out your wits, skills and thinking minds and let’s play video poker!

How to Play Video Poker

  • Each machine has a video screen where card images are projected. You will see your credits on a meter, with the pay table on the screen as well.
  • When the “Bet” and “Deal” buttons are hit, the game begins! Most video poker games are played with 1 to 5 coins. In pushing the “Bet Max” button, five credits are deducted and the machine deals the hand.
  • Once the bet is in place, five cards are dealt on the screen, face up. You have the option to choose which cards to hold and which ones to throw away. To hold the card you’ve chosen, hit the Hold/Cancel button. Hitting it twice will cancel the Hold action.
  • Once you’ve made all your Hold decisions, push the Deal/Draw button. The machine randomly chooses cards from the remaining deck to replace the discarded ones. Remember, the five cards will be the final hand.
  • The final hand will be compared to the pay table. You get paid according to the poker value of your hand. If it is a winning hand, corresponding credits are then added to the meter.

One important point to remember is that Money Management is very important. Do not bet more than your bankroll or blow your whole playing account with one go. Take some time to get a “feel” of how it is to play with one video poker machine.

If you feel comfortable playing the maximum number of coins, do so. Some machines pay a high percentage with the number of coins put into them. However, do not bet everything on it even if you are on a winning streak.

Rank of Hands

In playing a game of video poker, the rank of hands is similar to that of Poker. Here is a refresher on the winning hands you should take note of: