Video Poker Glossary

Video Poker has countless terms that may be meaningless to an average person or may be unfamiliar to newbie players. However, these terms are commonly used in video poker games and make it easy to start playing. Learning the various jargons is important as it can optimize your game play. This glossary includes widely-used terms and abbreviations you may come across in a game of video poker.
Aces with a Kicker – Four aces with a specific 5th card; awarded with bonus credits

Aces and Faces VP – Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks are awarded bonus credits

Action – Regardless of outcome, this is the total amount of money wagered by a player, including all bets made

Bankroll – The total amount of money a player is willing to gamble

Bet Max – Refers to the maximum number of coins, usually 5, for each spin/play; the best strategy to receive the full payout for VP is to wager the maximum bet

Boat – Full house; 3 kings, 2 Queens

Cash Back – A percentage of a player’s losses resulting from using their player card

Catching Cards – You as the player will be dealt with a card/s.

Complete Hand – A straight, flush, full house, quad, and/or a combination of a straight flush

Cowboys – Kings

Cycle – The average number of hands, roughly every 40, 000 hands, it takes for a machine to hit a royal flush, which is the jackpot

Deal/Draw Button – To be pressed by a player to deal a new hand to improve and make a solid hand

Deuce – A two

Dirty Royal – A Royal with one or more Deuces; payout is generally lower

Discard – To cast aside a card in search of a better hand

Double Inside Straight Flush – Refers to a hand with three cards in the same suit; and two gaps where the two will complete a straight flush

Double Up – To double a wager for a winning hand; to win, a higher card than the one displayed must be drawn

Face Card – Refers to any Jack, Queen or King; they are called as such as the cards have faces instead of numbers and a suit

Fishhooks – Jacks

Flush – Five cards having all the same suit” clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades

Four-of-a-Kind or Quad – Four cards having the same denomination, e.g. 4 Aces.

Four Card Flush – Four cards having the same suit, e.g. 2s- 8c- 5c- Jc

Four Card Inside Straight – Four cards of any suit, with one or two gaps. E.g. 6-8-9-10-Q.

Four Card Inside Straight Flush – Four cards having the same suit with one gap, where 1 card can complete a straight flush. E.g. 7c, 8c, 10c, Jc, 3d.

Four Card Royal Flush – Four cards having the same suit where one card will complete a royal flush. E.g. 10c-Jc-Qc-Kc-7d.

Four Card Straight – Four cards that are not in the same suit in consecutive order, with both ends open. E.g. one card (a 6 or a J) completes a straight with 7c, 8s, 9h, 10d.

Four Card Straight Flush – Four cards in the same suit in consecutive order, with both ends open. E.g. one card (a 6 or a J) completes a straight with 7c, 8s, 9h, 10d.

Full House – Refers to a hand that contains a three of a kind and a pair. E.g. AAA-22

Full Pay – Refers to a video poker machine that showcases the best possible pay table.

Hand – Pertains to five cards dealt to a player

Hand Pay – When a player hits a jackpot, the player is paid by hand instead of credits on a machine.

High Card – Refers to a Jack, Queen, King or an Ace.

Hold Button – Pressed by a player for each chosen card to hold for a particular hand

House Edge – The advantage that a casino holds over its players; usually expressed in percentage

Kicker – A fifth card that pays additional credits

Ladies – A jargon for Queens

Outside Straight or Straight Flush – A hand that is completed with two possible hands, such as a 10 or a 5, for a hand consisting of cards 6-7-8-9, to produce a winning hand.

Pat Hand – The five initial cards dealt to a player, which resulted to a winning hand

Payback Percentage – The average percentage of each bet on how much a machine will return to a player

Payout – The amount, in coins or credit, that a video poker machine pays off for a specific or winning poker hand.

Payout Table – A table that displays the winning hands and its corresponding payouts with number of coins bet

Progressive Video Poker – An increasing jackpot amount dependent on the percentage of each bet, that grows until the player hits the jackpot; then starts over at a lower amount.

Quad – Four-of-a-kind

Rainbow – Several cards of different suits

Rank – The order of hands in poker, from the top down is as follows: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair or Jacks or Better.

Royal Flush – A hand with a top payout for a Ace-King-Queen-Jack and Ten of the same suit in any order

Royal Flush – A hand completed with wild card (s)

Straight – Five cards of not the same suit but in sequence

Straight Flush – Five cards of the same suit and in sequence

Suit – Four suits in a non-wild deck on 52 cards: clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds

Three of a Kind/ Trips – A hand with 3 cards of the same denomination. E.g. AAA

Two Pairs – Hand with two pairs. E.g. AA22

Wild Card – A card used to substitute another to complete a winning hand

Common Abbreviations Used in Video Poker
9/6 JOB – a variation of Jacks or Better that pays nine coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush

10/7 DB – a Double Bonus game that pays ten coins for a full house and seven coins for a flush

A+8 – Aces and Eights

BP – Bonus Poker

DB – Double Bonus

DDB – Double Double Bonus

FPDW – Full-Pay Deuces Wild

JOB – Jacks or Better

JW – Joker Wild

JW2 – 2 Pair Joker Wild

LDW – Loose Deuces Wild

NSUD – Not-So-Ugly Ducks (Deuces are nicknamed ‘Ducks’)

PKM – Pick ‘em

SA – Super Aces