Slots Rules

How to play Slot Machines?

With slot machines there are no mathematical equations or strategies involved. There is basically no way to making your odds better at this game and although it first sounds a little disheartening, it actually is more advantageous because this means that no one will ever have the edge over you at slots. Every press of that button gives you the same chances as any player does so you can be richer or poorer by a certain amount whenever you play this game. The rules are pretty much straightforward and it’s as basic as it gets. Here, there are no pros or so-called big wigs because a newbie and a long time player practically have the same odds of winning. There’s no pressure at all so you can just pull a handle or press that button and wait for your fate to be revealed when the reels finally stop spinning.

Rules of the game

The basics of the game are very, very simple. Your main goal is to get the same symbols on the window after the wheels on the machine stops spinning. It’s practically a game of luck where the perfect timing of pressing the button is the key to getting the right combination. However there are no ways to determine the exact moment of hitting the same symbols on the reels. It’s basically a guess or a hunch but scientifically speaking, there are no ways to know it. Ironically it is this nature that makes this game more interesting to engage to because one has to guess and make a spin to know if his assumptions are correct. And if one makes a mistake then he can simply walk away or just try again.

What makes slot machines different from other casino games is that it was purposely made simple making the rules fairly easy. These are the features that you need to consider in choosing which slots game to play:

  • number of reels
  • payout rates
  • payout frequency
  • paylines
  • wagering amount

The paylines is one of the most important features that you must consider as it lists the winning combinations so more paylines means more chances of winning. The results are determined by random number generators or RNGs making it impossible to influence the outcomes of the spin. This is actually an advantage because anyone has the opportunity to win. For progressive jackpot slots the rules are slightly different wherein the portion of every wager that was placed will be added to the jackpot prize.

As the player, you can choose to either increase or decrease your bets or you can simply choose the Maximum Bet option to place the highest wagering amount. Most slot machines also have the Autospin feature if don’t want to spin the reels manually.

Progressive slots are machines linked and networked together that add small amounts in the jackpot prize for each game played. The payout percentage of Progressive Slots is a little lower than the traditional machines but the pot money are much bigger. In order to win the jackpot, you must bet the maximum amount of coins allowed.

You can choose from different coin denominations to start playing. If you have a small bankroll, it’s a good idea to play in machines that accept the lowest coin denomination. This will lengthen your playing time and better chances of winning the jackpot. It also doesn’t hurt much the bankroll because slot machines only require a very small amount to wager for every spin. Compared to other popular casino games that have a ridiculous wagering requirement, slots is more budget friendly as it accepts the lowest amount of bets at the house. If you’re lucky and you get the same combination of symbols on your first spin then you’re already able to win back your wager and even add more to your bankroll.

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