Slots Glossary

This glossary contains terminologies that will help our readers to fully understand the game of roulette. It is written in a clear and precise manner to help them in playing a better game.

Coin size – The coin denomination accepted by the machine

Coins per spin – The coin denomination accepted by the machine

Hit – A win on a slots game

Hit Rate – The winning percentage of every spin

Hold – The average percentage the machine holds based on the amount played

Hopper – A container where the coins for payout are held

Loose Slot Machine – A machine that has a very high winning frequency

Max Bet – The most number of coins allowed for betting

Multi-denominational – Machines that accept various coin denominations

Multi-line – Machines that play more than one payline

Pay cycle – The amount of time the machine is expected to pay after a certain amount was splayed

Pay for Play Machines – 1-2-3 coin option machines, more coins fed means better payout

Payline – A line that crosses the winning combination

Paytable – A table showing the winning combinations and the corresponding payout

Payback – The percentage of winning the machine gives back from the total amount fed in

Payout Percentage – The average “return to player” or payment percentage of the machine

Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot wherein the amount increases in minimal amounts each game

Progressive Slots – Machines that are linked together to provide progressive jackpots

Random Number Generator (RNG) – A program the machines use to produce random numbers that will be used to determine the results

Reels – The revolving reels with symbols that determine the results

Static – Machines with a preset jackpot, the opposite of Progressive Slots

Symbols – The pictures or graphics in the reels

Take Cycle – If a machine has just release a jackpot, it will take some time for the next one

Top Prize – The highest prize in a slot machine game

Wild Symbol – Symbols that will be paid if they are visible in any position

Winning Combinations – The different winning symbol combinations displayed in the paytable