Blackjack Glossary

This online blackjack guide lists important terms that you might find useful and beneficial. This comprehensive glossary is written in a clear and concise manner for you to have a better understanding on how to play the game and improve your gaming strategies.

Anchor – The last seat that was occupied to the right side of dealer

Black Chip – A blackjack chip that has a value of $100

Blackjack – An opening hand that has a total value of 21

Break (Bust) – Going over a hand value of 21 which means this is a losing hand

Burn Cards – Shuffling and cutting the deck then removing the cards that are located on the top which are then placed on the discard tray

Double Down (Doubling Down) – This is an option to double the original bet after making a 2-card deal where you are only allowed to hit just 1 card and turn over the initial 2 cards.

Double Exposure – A blackjack game where some house rules could be different and the cards of the dealer are revealed to the player before playing their hand

Early Surrender – The player surrenders after getting his first 2 cards and this move is permitted before the dealer verifies an Ace in the hole or blackjack

Face Cards – Cards that have a value of 10 and these are Kings, Queens and Jacks

Face Down Game – The initial card is faced up and the succeeding is faced down

Face Up Game – The two cards are faced up

First Base – The player that initially occupies a seat that is located on the left side of the dealer and also the same seat where the first card will be distributed

Hard Hand (Hard Total) – A hand that doesn’t have an Ace or a hand that has an Ace but can only be given a value of 1

Heads On or Heads Up – A one-on-one game against the dealer where no other players are involved

Hi-Lo Count – A card counting system where cards that a numbered from 2 to 6 will have a value of +1 while the face cards and the number 10 gets a value of -1.

Hi-Opt – A card counting system where cards numbered from 3 to 6 will have a value of +1 while the number 10 gets a value of -1.

Hole Card – The faced down card that will be taken by the dealer

Hot Deck – Draw another card from the deck

Insurance – This side bet is only offered if the dealer has an Ace face up card. The maximum amount can be half the initial bet and the player gets paid twice the bet if the dealer has a natural 21.

Late Surrender – This is permitted only when the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack hand

Natural – Also called blackjack, if the initial 2 cards that are drawn is an Ace and a card that has a value of 10, thus hand of 21

No Double after Split – A rule imposed by the casino where players are not permitted to double after splitting cards

Paint – Also called the face cards which are the Kings, Queens and Jacks

Past Post – Considered as cheating, this is done by placing bets when in fact it is already not accepted for the reason that card results are already compromised

Pat (Pat Hand) – A hand that is still not busted and has a minimum value of 17

Point Count – The value of the card count resulting from the finishing of a hand

Preferential Shuffling – Shuffling the cards wherein the outstanding ones are assumed to be advantageous to the players

Push (Stand-off or Tie) – The player keeps his bet because the he and the dealer have the same hand values

Soft Double – Doubling down on a hand that primarily has an Ace

Standing Hand – A player is anticipated to stand if his hand has a minimum value of 17 which has a high probability of busting if another cards is called

Stay or Stand – Stopping or not required to draw another card

Steaming – An upset player who is recklessly betting because of experiencing losses at the blackjack table

Stiff Hand – Hands that have a value of 12 to 16, this is a hand that has a lower probability of getting winning because it can bust once it is hit and is not pat

Surrender – The player gives up his hand and loses only half of the bet

Tell Play – Analyzing the dealer’s body language to determine his cards or hand

Third Base – The last seat to be occupied that is located on the right side of the dealer

True Count – This is the running card count that is corrected based on the number of cards that are still to be played or are still remaining in the deck

Unbalanced Count – Card counting wherein the minus and plus cards are not the same

Up Card (Upcard) – This is the dealer’s first card to be dealt and is faced up so the players can see it before dealing with their own cards.

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